How to Install Artificial Turf Grass

Artificial turf grass, or synthetic grass, replicates real natural turf and is manufactured from synthetic fiber.

This kind of turf was a standard for sports fields only in the past, but now, even residential places and business locations are picking up the trend. The back-breaking duty of keeping natural grass lush green does not provide the surface of luxury.

Supplies for DIY Artificial Turf Installation

Make sure everything is put into place before you start your artificial turf installation so that everything turns out perfect. It includes:

  • Grass synthetic turf
  • Uneven
  • Mean
  • Sod lifter/utility knife
  • Landscape cloth for weed barrier
  • Chippings or crushed stone
  • Sand
  • Compactor
  • Staples or turf glue
  • Seam-sealing tape (if necessary)
  • Physical closure: Landscape pins or stakes
  • Brush or agitator brush
  • Tape measure

Steps of Installation

Steps of Installation
  • Site preparation: mow down/cut down and then clear the area from any vegetation; remove any form of rock, debris, grass, or shrubs; use a shovel and rake to flatten the place while shaping the place to allow drainage.
  • Install the Weed Barrier: Place the weed barrier fabric over the installation area to prevent weeds from breaking through the grass.
  • Lay a Sub-base: After laying a weed barrier, spread an area with a layer of about 2 to 3 inches of crushed stone or gravel. The compact sub-base material is suitable for attaining a firm and evened-out base.
  • Lay Turf: Place the synthetic turf over the well-prepared base. Unroll the turf into place correctly, making sure it completely covers the area. Use a turf cutter or utility knife to trim away any excess.
  • Protect Turf: Insert landscape pins or stakes around the edges and in seams. Seaming tape and adhesive may be required for larger pieces and for joining a few.
  • Infill the Turf: Add infill to the grass—this keeps the synthetic grass down, props the blades, and allows for drainage.

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Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

There are numerous benefits of artificial turf; the reason for such enormous popularity in homes and commercial spaces is artificial grass:

  • Easily Maintained: Like natural grass, artificial turf requires no care other than watering, cutting, or fertilizing. Thus, it is cost-effective in terms of time and money saved.
  • Water Conservation: Artificial turf uses minimal water, benefiting regions experiencing water insufficiency and conserving a vital resource.
  • Durability: Good artificial grass is intense, challenging, and rugged. It can withstand rough use and serve for many years without the harsh weather conditions having too much effect. It will be green and complete at all times.
  • Allergy-Friendly: It is not like the natural grass harbors the usual allergens that bring about allergies. As such, such people suffering from particular allergies can use the same without worry of any kind.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Artificial Turf

Reconsider and bear in mind these things instead when laying artificial turf to curb the most common mistakes:

  • Improper Base Preparation: Skipping base preparation can lead to a less-than-smooth surface and a playground without drainage. It gives the best, most complex, and most level foundation.
  • Missed measurements: Proper measurements will save you from turf over-and under-orders. They guarantee that only the slightest possible turf goes to waste and fits.
  • Misaligned Edge-Locking: Install the turf edges accurately to prevent one edge from lifting above another. Use ample landscape pins or stakes to ensure the turf is well-secured.
  • Disregard the Seams: If you need to seam multiple pieces of turf, it is essential to ensure your seams are pulled tight and secure. Sometimes, you may have to make the seams invisible using seaming tape and adhesive to construct one element that looks like a single sheet.

Uses of Artificial Grass

The applications of artificial grass are more than the old traditional lawns:

  • Sports Fields: They are also great for soccer, football, and baseball fields because they are strong, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.
  • Playground surfaces: Provide a cushioned surface and a protective environment for children.
  • Rooftop Gardens: These are perfect for urban areas as they promote growing on the top of the house or the balcony.
  • Pet Area: Provide your four-legged buddies with a mud-free space in the backyard.


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