Forest Pansy Redbud: Cercis canadensis

Forest Pansy

Height and Spread; 15 – 20 feet
This scandalously scarlet leaved tree is a beauty for any home, business, or wildscape. With it’s pink heart shaped leaves you might want to plant one on all sides of your home, but it is best to plant these beautiful bows in an area where it can get full sun at cooler parts of the year and part shade at the highest hot points in the year. Unfortunately for San Antonio where it reaches high temperatures above 90 degrees in the summer, this tree’s leaves can turn a ghastly green when exposed to the Texas soaring sunlight. It is a fast grower that does do well in most soil as long as they drain well, and pruning should be done in the Fall whilst the tree is dormant, or after the blooms have gone in the Spring.