Transform your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis with a Fire Pit

A backyard fire pit can transform your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis for evening ambiance and entertaining. The mesmerizing glow of the flames coupled with good company creates a magical, cozy atmosphere.

But a well-designed fire pit takes forethought and planning. There are important factors to consider for optimal safety, functionality and aesthetics. Follow this guide to turn your basic backyard into an outdoor living room.

Factors to Consider When Constructing Fire Pits

Flame Placement for Safety and Utility

Strategically place your fire pit at least 10 feet from structures, trees and shrubbery to prevent flaming debris. Consider prevailing wind patterns in your yard as well so smoke billows away from the house. For best utility, ensure the blaze is visible from patios and decks.

A Protective Pit Foundation

Install a base of sand or crushed gravel about 4-6 inches deep, encircling 2-3 feet around the fire. This drainage base not only insulates the ground from heat, but prevents your pit from becoming a mosquito haven.

Ring with Durable, Fireproof Materials

Stack your pit with heavy, non-combustible retaining wall blocks or stone. This not only prevents damage, but looks beautiful illuminated by the firelight. Do not use flammable materials like wood framing which could ignite.

Mind the Local Building Codes

Check your local regulations for any permits, requirements or restrictions for backyard fire pits. Many municipalities prohibit open burning and require protective enclosure screens, so best to comply!

Curate Your Fire Pit Seating

Curate Your Fire Pit Seating

Arrange plush weather-resistant seating in a cozy semicircle focused on the flames. This creates an intimate gathering area to soak up the firelight. Place benches near enough to feel the radiating warmth on cool evenings.

Bathe Your Space in Ambiance Lighting

Ambiance Lighting

Strategically place glowing lanterns and string lights around trees and posts. Allow the firelight to dance with the low-voltage lighting, creating a magical atmosphere.

Outfit Your Fire Pit for Safety

Have fire safety essentials nearby like extinguishers, buckets of water or sand, shovels, mesh screens and heat-resistant gloves. Protect little ones from accidental burns.

Accessorize for Comfort and Beauty

Furnish your space with side tables next to seating to hold drinks and snacks. Layer in plush pillows and blankets so guests can nestle into the cozy lounge area you’ve created.

Transform your basic backyard into a blissful oasis where lasting memories are sure to be made. With mindful fire pit placement and design, your space will be crafted for beauty, relaxation and connection.

If you need help planning and installing your dream backyard fire pit, the landscaping professionals at Blades of Glory Landscaping LLC have you covered. From design to construction, we handle your fire pit project from start to finish. Contact us today for a free consultation!